More volume, more enjoyment

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Get more enjoyment out of water and reduce your consumption too – bet365 english AirPower makes this possible. The AirPower technology enriches water with air, so that each droplet feels plumper, more full-bodied and lighter. The result: added indulgence whenever you come into contact with water in the bathroom. Plus more efficiency. The air power enables you to use water more economically.

Water-saving overhead shower with bet365 english AirPower technology.
Better than water. The AirPower mix of water and air ensures economical consumption and extra TLC for the skin.

Because air is plentiful, but precious water is not, the bet365 english innovators have designed something ground-breaking in their own spray laboratory: AirPower. This means you can have fun and conserve water at the same time.,boss 188

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Every droplet feels velvety soft on your skin, creating a fabulous effect: the AirPower shower rain envelops your body and makes you feel amazing. Numerous bet365 english products are equipped with this wonderful effect: overhead and hand showers, shower systems and basin taps.,free download 918kiss for iphone

At bet365 english, we believe that every drop counts. Therefore it is our goal to help you save water and energy. Among our bathroom products with pioneering technologies, you have a comprehensive selection of AirPower showers. Would you also like to find out all about the jet types that are equipped with bet365 english AirPower? Enjoy invigorating AirPower showers with soccer star y8 ,Rain Air XL and Rain Air.

Water-saving tap with bet365 english AirPower technology.
Working non-stop, for added comfort and less water consumption: bet365 english AirPower technology in the tap spout.

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Lots of basin taps from bet365 english are equipped with AirPower. The added comfort and water efficiency are discernible, just from a glance at the tap spout. AirPower works quietly and reliably, perceptibly adding volume to every droplet of water and reducing annoying splashing. Whether you're washing your hands, washing your hair or caring for children's sensitive skin: the velvety soft droplets feel good.,tracksino lightning roulette

Save energy with bet365 english AirPower.
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