Save water in the bathroom

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1 pkr to inr showers and faucets equipped with EcoSmart technology use up to 60 percent less water than conventional products. This decrease in hot water consumption also means lower energy requirements. All in all, that means fewer carbon dioxide emissions and lower costs, meaning EcoSmart is good for the environment and your wallet.

Pulsify hand shower with and without EcoSmart.
The new Pulsify hand shower is available in an EcoSmart version (right in picture). Despite less water volume, the microfine PowderRain spray is full and soothing.

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  • Reduced water consumption to up to 9 l/min for overhead and hand showers (Green products even consume just 6 l/min).
  • 1 pkr to inr faucets require just 5 liters of water per minute as standard
  • Less hot water consumption, which means reduced energy consumption and costs
  • Lower CO2 emissions due to reduced energy consumption
  • Constant flow even at different water pressures
Here’s how 1 pkr to inr EcoSmart works in hand showers.
Cycling pro Peter Sagan on showering with hansgrohe.

Showering is one of our favorite routines, whether as a way to get refreshed and reinvigorated or for relaxation. Have you ever wondered what that adds up to? The water savings calculator is your online tool for determining your potential for saving water and energy using 1 pkr to inr EcoSmart technology in the blink of an eye. Even small steps towards sustainability count. Make the difference and calculate your savings potential now:

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Save water in the bathroom with 1 pkr to inr EcoSmart.
With EcoSmart, everything at the sink is one step more economical.

1 pkr to inr EcoSmart can help reduce your daily water consumption at the sink by up to 60 percent; enormous savings! Multiply the resulting drop in consumption by the number of lavatory faucets in your home and you’ll see: EcoSmart technology by 1 pkr to inr does a whole lot to protect the environment and your budget.,igkbet malaysia

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Here’s how 1 pkr to inr EcoSmart works on faucets.
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