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What Is A Jump Shot In Basketball? Definition & Meaning ...

1. This is a shot that is taken in basketball where the player shoots the ball while jumping off the ground. Although there are many variations of the jump shot, a common technique for shooting a is to going through the following motion: First, the shooter is to face the basket with the feet parallel and shoulder width apart. Also, one foot is to be slightly ahead of the other.

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Basketball Glossary and Terms | Epic Sports

Basketball Glossary. Air Ball: The ball misses the hoop and backboard entirely. Alley-oop: A high arc pass to a teammate in a position near the basket to leap and score. Alternating-possession rule: A rule in which teams take turns possessing the ball after stopped plays. Assist: A pass that sets up ...

Types of Shots - Basketball

Jump Shot A jump shot is another basic shot to make in basketball. You jump and while jumping you shoot to the ball, hoping to make it. A jump shot can make three different types of points which are: a free throw shot, two pointer, and three pointer. If you get this type of shot down, then you can work on practicing the other types of shots.

Basketball Slang & Terms to Sound Like a Pro

Slang and Common Terms Used in Basketball Air Ball. If a player is throwing the ball and it flies the length of the court but still misses, it's an air ball. Alley-Oop. An alley-oop is a type of assist in which one player throws the ball toward the basket, and another player... And One. When a ...

Mechanics of the Jump Shot: The “Dip” Increases the Accuracy ...

In basketball, the goal is to outscore the opponent by scoring more baskets. One of the most common techniques to score is the jump shot (Knudson, 1993; Gryko et al., 2018; Okazaki and Rodacki, 2018). In order to optimize accuracy, a player must be efficient and consistent with his shooting motion.

The Jump Shot Performance in Youth Basketball: A Systematic ...

1. Introduction. In basketball, shooting efficacy is consensually considered by athletes and coaches as an essential component to achieve a successful performance [1,2].The basketball shooting literature supports a reference movement pattern for the jump shot (JS) performance [], which has emerged from biomechanics’ fundamental principles.

250+ Basketball Terms all Coaches and Players Must Know

Jump Ball - Used to start every basketball game. Involves the referee throwing the basketball up in the center of the court between two players who jump and attempt to tap the basketball to a teammate. Jump Shot - A shot taken by jumping up in the air and releasing the basketball at the peak of the jump.

Basketball Terms: 55 Hoops Terms for Anyone Learning the Game ...

Jump shot: A shot when a player jumps in the air and releases the ball at the peak of their leap. If it goes in the hoop, some might call it a swish, but only if it hits all net and no rim. Layup: Shots within two-feet of the basket. Basketball players bank the ball off the mini-white square for better angles into the hoop.